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Progressive Metal Recordings W/ TD20 & VEX!

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  • Progressive Metal Recordings W/ TD20 & VEX!

    Not sure how many people are into progressive metal/deathcore kinda stuff but my band and I are in the process of doing a full pressed demo of our stuff. We do all the recording right here and have a few songs up on our MySpace for those who are interested.

    "Fortress" is done with mic'd cabs and an SM57 while "Awaken The Abyss" is done with Amplitude Metal by IK Multimedia direct line in (which we love the mic'd cab sound so much better we're going to be redoing bass and guitars in this.

    Also "Fortress" we did the clean vocals with a condensor mic which a regular dynamic mic was used in Awaken The Abyss which we're going to redo as well.

    All my setup can be seen under my personal MySpace HERE.

    So please ADD us, comment us, send us messages, buy our limited edition "Math Debate" shirts. I'm in the process of getting Superior 2.0 and if I can run my already finished MIDI through that I definitley plan on doing so for these songs as it'll sound a lot better and I won't have to re-record.

    Check out my NEW eBay Store: V-Drum Emporium!