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I wanna be an internet rock star...

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  • I wanna be an internet rock star...

    OK, not really... but I would like to post some video of me playing my favorite music for friends and family, and you guys of course.

    So I've done the requisite searching and have some ideas but nothing concrete. I'm kinda hoping that you all can lead me down the right path based on what I have in terms of resources.

    Kit: TD-10 (w/ VEX) for drums and percussion/ TD-3 Cymbals - patched together with a Behringer mixer

    2 Pd 120
    2 pd 100
    2 Cy8 crashes
    cy5 HH
    FD8 Controller
    KD 85 Bass
    Pintech PC 14 ride
    2 (new old stock!) Pd 7's (percussion/splash/china)
    all crammed onto a MDS-8 rack - its at its limit!!!

    I bought the Cakewalk USB Kit so that I could download the VEX upgrade for the TD-10 and so I have MIDI to USB for the laptop. I also have just about every conceivable splitter, wire or adapter to make all the connections.

    I generally play thru the headphones although I do have an Alesis SUMO amp behind the kit too. Sony MDR- V6 (20 years old and still perfect)

    I subscribe to Rhapsody Music thru Best Buy and can access lots of music albeit not drumless. I just try to outplay the recording drummer, stay in time and have fun.

    I have the Cakewalk music creator 3 software but everytime I run thru the tutorials I tuck my tail and run away wimpering from technology overload. I don't really want to learn to be a sound engineer but I would like to put together some content that's just a grade above the usual YouTube BS.

    I'm considering either buying a sub $300 buck recorder from GC to do the audio portions (modules and mix in) and then splicing to video or getting a Canon camcorder that has a mic in (mixer in in my case) feature. I just don't know if the audio would suffer in that case. I'm also wondering if I should just nut up and learn the Cakewalk MIDI music maker program and succumb to full on edrum geekdom. Oh and I work for a living too so I'm not sure if that last option is meaningful.

    If I ever figure this out, I'd just like to host some movies on my ISP for simple entertainment even if my own... I'll work on lighting last -

    Thoughts? TIA
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    Well, If you have a camera....then thats a start.

    You could download a free audio editor called Audacity, for the audio recording part.

    U'll need a connector with a R and L 1/4 jack running to a small jack. Run straight from the main out, into the small mic jack in your computer and record using the audacity software.

    Then if you need to get some sort of video editor...something like windows movie maker or simliar, then sync the video and audio and your away.
    Roland TD-8, CY-12H, CY-14, CY-15
    Clear Acrylic Kit......Coming Soon :)


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      If you have a digital video camera (MiniDV) with audio input you should only need a cable and few adapters.

      if there's no audio input on your camera you will want to record to the computer using a program such as audacity. An audio interface will give better results and they are fairly cheap these days which is nice. An m-audio fast track USB should work.

      capture the video, export the audio as wav, import both to a video editing program such as movie maker and sync the two.
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      My kit is custom running 10, 12, 14" toms, a 12" snare, 2 crash, 1 ride, 1 splash, and dual kick drum all plugged into a
      Roland TD-6V module which runs MIDI to Superior Drummer 2