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recording td9 through midi to notational software

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  • recording td9 through midi to notational software

    Hi guys, just wondering if you can help me out. i'm new to recording and midi, just picked up my td9 about a week ago, love it so far; cant wait for the vex packs but in the meantime i need to notate some music for my students, specifically drumkit beats and snare drum solos.
    i'm using cubase4 le with a tascam 122L and the quality of the audio in is great, very clear, however i 'm wondering if its possible to map the pads (on the td9) to specific notation properties in either finale, cubase or sibelius. i would like to play the beat, quantize if need be and it just to notate perfectly (or close) into one of these programs (prefer if it were either cubase or finale) so if anyone knows that would be awesome!

    *also with cubase it notates everything from midi fine but it'll split everything into semiquavers; is there away in the cubase score editor to make it notate properly without to much hassle? eg, an 8th note will be 16th note - 16th note rest and so on...


    -- audi