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Tried everything, but can't playback edited midi on TD20

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  • Tried everything, but can't playback edited midi on TD20

    I already search here and on google, but couldn't find anything.
    I already edited (on my laptop) a midi I recorded using a TD20. I recorded the final mix using Addictive Drums, but now, I want to playback this edited midi on my TD20 (in other words move it back to the TD20 but with the changes I made to it).

    How the hell do I do this? I checked on the manual, play with the Setup options, etc.....but nothing worked. On my software, everything looks fine, OUT to Channel 10, Midi Out to my EMU midi interface, etc...

    I want to do this in order to compare the take I did using Addictive Drums with a take using my MasterPicks VEX pack. Of course, I am planning to mix it and masterize it ith my recording software. In order to make a fair comparison.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you've connected to MIDI IN on the TD-20, it should be as simple as pressing RECord on the TD-20 (after selecting a new user pattern) and then Play on your sequencer software. (I'm assuming you do actually want to move it to the TD-20 for further playing rather than just play it back through the TD-20 from the software.)

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      Yeah, your assumption is correct. But no, it didn't work like that. I think there is something I need to change on the software, but I already checked everything and seems fine. Channel out is 10, midi out is my EMU midi interface, I don't see what else I'm missing.


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        Midi Out to my EMU midi interface,
        Double check your cabling...it's MIDI In on the TD20 from the EMU interface MIDI Out.

        I would also suggest setting up proper Sync from the software (you don't mention what you're using to play/record).
        Change your TD20 to external sync and turn on sync send (normally MIDI Clock is sufficient) in the software. Press record on the TD20 and then play in the software. This will lock up the timing with the TD20 bpm for playback.
        When you get it in there, change the TD20 back to Internal Sync...
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          Yeah, I have the cabling like that....
          I also had the TD20 on external sync.
          Oh...by the way, when my TD20 was on external sync, on the time signature on the upper right corner appears MIDI instead of the bpm number and it doesn't let me press Record. When pressing Record on the TD20, nothing happens.

          On my software, which is Magix Music Studio, I didn't know about the sync send. I'll look into that.


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            Now it worked............it was the sync send on my software what I was missing.....thanks guys....
            By the way, on the TD20, there is no need to sync to external....It can be done on Internal....


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              The Auto setting for SyncMode should allow you to start the recording from the software without having to press play on the TD-20.