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Recommend me a usb/Firewire mixer/interface?!

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  • Recommend me a usb/Firewire mixer/interface?!

    Hey guys and gals.

    Can anyone recommend me a usb or firewire mixer or interface?

    I want something with midi. I want something that would not give me problems with latency either.

    I am currently looking at the M-Audio 410 firewire interface, any good?

    Thanks peeps.


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    How many inputs do you need? How many preamps(mic jacks)? What software are you planning on using?

    M-Audio makes decent stuff, but the 410 only has two inputs. Most of us drummers could use more inputs and less outputs.

    I use a MOTU 828MkII with Cubase and as happy as a clam, but it is much more expensive than the 410. Do you have a price range you want to stay in?

    If you only need 2-4 inputs, a USB interface would be plenty fast enough also.

    I you are dreaming about ProTools, you have to get one of the DigiDesign interfaces. (or one of the special M-Audio ones) Those products come with ProTools LE, which is very powerful and fully compatible with ProTools HD.


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      Ah thanks.

      I don't need anything too special, 2 inputs is plenty i think, I only want a stereo mix from the TD12. Want to record guitars, bass, vocals etc as a mono channel and record them separately.

      I will be recording to N-Track studio, audacity and cubase LE. I will mix down within these programs too.

      I only want something to record straight into my laptop with minimal latency!

      Thanks again


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        Cheapest and easiest option is to go audio line in out to audio line in - all you need is a M-M balanced 3.5mm cable.

        A small analog mixer should only cost a couple of hundred if you want more control.

        I agree with Michael about M-Audio kit - they had a "pricing parity" deal going recently where the $s were the same all over the world - I got some really good deals in Australia which matched the U.S. price - you are up towards 1K for ProTools with an 8-in A/D convertor plus an analog mixer then.....ooo and then you can get a.......case of gas


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          presonus firebox has what you need at around $299 for the unit