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Experiment [DFHS dry]

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  • Experiment [DFHS dry]

    I was curious to see what DFH Superior would sound like with all ambience turned off for a more natural sound. This is the same Tull track dry with the Sonor kit and Ludwig acrylic snare drum.

    Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......

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    Sounds great! Nice playing!! Really.

    But, I guess I missed it... you say this is the same tune, etc. etc. But, I never heard your orginal.

    So, while it was excellent drumming, without the other instruments I was underwhelmed. I mean, I enjoyed your playing; but, I'd have liked it much better hearing you play along with the song and comparing the drum sounds in the mix between the two versions.

    I understand that this post was meant to hear it dry without FX. But, still...

    Anyway... as you know: opinions are like a**holes. Everybody's got one and most of them stink! So, pay me no nevermind!
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    VDrums: a cluster of bits including TDW-20 and TD-3 modules, KD-85, PD-85(2), PD-8(5), CY-12(3), CY-8(2), CY-5(3), Kit Toys china, all on an MDS-6SL+ rack, SPD-S, VEX, VDL
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      As soon as the track is finished I'll post it. I posted this so you can compare the drum sounds and how they respond to input with nothing around them.
      Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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        Hi jrcel,

        I agree with TNT - nice playing - how long did you practice that song? Your kd must have taken a bit of work to get it right.

        I note that the snare has a lot of ring at about A440 even without effects, and one of your ride cymbals has a fairly dominant pitch to it too - have you tuned them to the key of the song?

        I haven't heard Minstrel for years......was Mr Barlow the Tull drummer on that one? he was great live when I saw them in the 70s


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          No, I was just checking for machine gunning and to get close to a '70s sound as I could, I've found that when edrums are dead it's a givaway that they're artificial. Here's the original smf guide track with my part so you can run it through your own stuff to compare, I'll include my original sound file I sent into the studio.





          Here's the completed drum part with the midi guide track:

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          Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......