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Can't hear TD3 in Cubase 4 LE ?

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  • Can't hear TD3 in Cubase 4 LE ?

    Hello All,

    I recently purchased the Presonus Audiobox USB to hook up to my laptop. I installed all the drivers and it came with the Cubase 4 LE. For the life of me I can not figure out how to make the audio from my TD3 record onto the software. I understand MIDI does not record "audio" just the signals on to the track.

    My input device is the Audiobox USB (and it seems to record the midi tracks) but there is no sound at any time. I have the channel set to 10 on the track.

    I figure I am missing something very basic here. Is there a setting on my TD3 I am missing? I have the MIDI cables correctly going in and out. The volume is up.

    When I hit the pads, it measures the hit but no sound. I'm trying to sign on to the Cubase forum but I guess they have a tough screening process? Haven't received an acceptance from the ADMIN.

    any one with similar problems with solutions, or those that know cubase well, any help is extremely appreciated. I am brand new to the electronic drum world, and even newer to digital home recording.

    Thanks all!

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    My guess ... You do not have the audio routed to the PC. If you are recording MIDI (and please note I have not recorded MIDI yet ...) and you plan to use the sounds of the TD3, you still need to connect the audio of the TD3 to the PC. If you want to simplify a bit ... Start by recording just audio (not MIDI). To do this, ensure the master L/R audio outputs of the TD3 are connected to the PC, either to the sound card (line in) or via USB (I do not know what a Presonus Audiobox USB is capable of). Good luck and welcome.

    If the MIDI info is making it in to Cubase, then you could assign that information to the inherent sounds of Cubase (if available) or you can trigger the TD3. I am completely out of my element here since I have not yet played with MIDI so take this info lightly (or completely disregard!).

    See also this post: Recording to PC (don't know how to put links in to here)
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