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Recording to PC

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  • Recording to PC

    Hey. I have a Roland TD-3, and I want to record with my home PC. It has MIDO OUT, and I was wondering if there are MIDI to USB cables I could use to record directly into my PC. I think there are, but I'd like people's opinions

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    Welcome to the forum. The simple way to record is to use the output from the module e.g. from the headphones into your PC microphone input and record it using one of many free programs e.g. audiograbber .... this is a commonly asked question so try searching for recording and PC etc
    Here's some recent and old starter threads for you http://vdrums.com/forum/showthread.p...ight=record+pc and http://vdrums.com/forum/showthread.p...t=audiograbber


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      You could use the line outputs from your TD-3 and go direct in to the line input in your PC
      - you may need a cable stepdown plug for a few $s to go from 2 x TRS plugs down to a stereo 2.5mm jack
      - assuming your PC has a reasonable stereo sound card....

      A small mixer is a better option, but costs more $s.

      You could also look at the M-Audio (Digidesign) site - they have a MIDI to USB cable.

      Another app to look at is "audacity".