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BFD 2 kit setup!!

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  • BFD 2 kit setup!!

    hey guys this is my first post here.

    I am going to start using BFD 2 in my studio and i need to buy a V-drum setup that will go well with BFD 2.

    I need some help on my options as i have already got some kind of idea as to what to do but not sure as i have never bought Vdrums before.

    i also need to know if any of the drums i am using wont be combatible

    TD-6 drum brain
    VH-11 hihat
    normal TD-6 cymbals(ride,2 crashes)
    the normal TD-6 toms
    Td-6 kick

    but i am now not sure which snare to get to get all the right articulations?

    please help me and tell if my setup is crap? ? all i simply want is for BFD 2 to pick up and utilize all the articulations and also a bit of good playing feel....(hence using the VH-11 hi hat)

    thanks Rigby

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    That should work well with a mesh head snare - you could go with a PD-85, aPD 105 or a PD 125.

    A TD-12 brain or a TD-20 brain would be better than the TD-6 even when driving external samplers because then you could use the positional sensing capabilities in BFD2 for the snare and also the 3 positions on the ride cymbal.

    With a TD-6 brain you will not be able to access the (positional sensing) snare off centre sounds and on the ride you can only have two of the bell, bow and edge sounds.

    Despite those limitations, the setup you propose to use will work well with BFD2. The VH-11 is very good and works fine with the TD-6.