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SPISHAK brings you a song

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  • SPISHAK brings you a song

    OK, I recorded this with the gear listed in my signature, except I used V-cymbals instead of sabians because I was living in a condo at the time. It starts with loops and pads from the synths, then the bass guitar, then a 4 measure "James Brown" type break beat loop I played on the V-drums. I use ALL hardware instead of PC's 'cuz I'm goofy like that. This song made it on a Roland gear demo CD put out by a forum for the Roland Fantom X synths. If you don't like electronica you prolly won't like this. Enjoy, folks

    The New Style
    Last edited by SPISHAK; 04-30-08, 09:40 PM.

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    that sounds great spishak, it has given me an idea
    time i got to dust up on my Reason 3..


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      Great tune. Any song with V-Drums and Vocoders is OK by me.


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        Originally posted by Michael Render View Post
        Great tune. Any song with V-Drums and Vocoders is OK by me.
        Got to agree there Michael

        Very cool track SPISHAK


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          Very cool, SPISHAK! Nice groove. What voice did you select for the V-drums? Good punchy tone on the bass, with plenty of bottom. If this had lyrics, I could hear a soft female voice floating over this.

          Nothing goofy about your Yamaha AW16G. I use a multitracker also. Serves my purposes well.

          Oh, and nice 'fro in your avatar.


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            Originally posted by Frank View Post
            What voice did you select for the V-drums?

            #21 Real Deal, totally tweeked to my preferences. I recorded that song 4 years ago, and a few more tweeks have taken place since then.

            Thanks for the comments everybody!

            I FEEL GOOD


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              Nice job. Drum groove is great.