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Yamaha AW1600 and TD-6

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  • Yamaha AW1600 and TD-6

    I will be putting some tracks together with a friend who uses the Yamaha AW1600. He regularly uses a drum machine and runs it direct stereo using 2 tracks. Would this be the proper way to record my TD-6 or is there a better option ? I have absolutely no experience with the AW1600 other than some web research. I will be traveling 320 miles for this project and would like to be prepared ahead of time.

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    A great place for support for the AW1600 can be found at:

    I have the AW16G and love it.


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      It should have midi in & out. You want to record the midi from the td6, then on playback run the midi line back to the td6, and you will be able to change around any drum sounds and levels you want. When your happy with the drums and mix, then you can record the master outputs.