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Spacemuffins is the way to go...

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  • Spacemuffins is the way to go...


    Sorry guys, but I have read up and have done research about space muffins and have declared they would be the best solution for me. SO yeah, sorry v-drum enthusiasts.

    Thanx for all the help
    A fellow percussionist...

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    What brain will you use with it?

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      Originally posted by MPCman:
      What brain will you use with it?

      Doesn't the Space Muffins kits come with their own module?


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        Good luck. Spacemuffins sounded cool to me, too... especially when I found out they were located about 6 blocks from me! (my old address) Anyway, I e-mailed repeatedly & left phone messages for them, asking for info and/or maybe a tour of the facility. The silence in response was deafening. I also have it on pretty good authority that the owner of Spacemuffins is a mecurical a$$hole (worse than me!) & the price for the gear can vary daily or more depending on his mood.

        No thanks, but I hope your dealings with them are better than mine.



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          Spacemuffins is the way to go...

          I look forward to hearing some good reports.
          I have a set of muffs as well as a V-Pro & Session kit. So far the Muffs sit in my storage area.
          The pads made too much noise for me, The feel didn't seem right, & the 0.0 module was almost useless for a "real" sounding kit. (Pretty good for industrial or techno sounds though.)
          The best thing I found in the muffs were the real look & the eight layers of midi per trigger... pretty cool.
          Stay in touch... I'd love to learn more of how you made them work for you & in which applications.
          By the way... the owner... Alfonso M. Adinolfi... is definately not a sales type of a guy. He sat on his kit at NAMM (in cut-offs & a t-shirt) and just played his drums. Kinda funny.
          Best of luck!
          Playing/Learning for 36 years now.
          TS-20S-BK V-Pro, SPD-S, V-Pro, DM Pro, Space Muffins, Tama Superstars, 1965 Ludwigs, Pearl Reference and BRX Series, Various Cyms & Snares + yada yada yada... :D Isn't life GOOD!