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Hart bass drum makes pedal bounce

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  • Hart bass drum makes pedal bounce

    I am having a problem with my hart pro kit. The bass drum makes my bass drum pedal bounce back and hit it twice. Has any one dealt with this? Otherwise the tows are super fast.
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    You just need to adjust your trigger settings. Refer to the TD-10 manual, topics "Mask Time" and "Regrigger Cancel".
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      Use it to your advantage and rip off some killer double bass lines.
      I had the same problem on my A's. I loosened the head and move the ball of my foot (I usually play heel up)back towards the hinge. That helped, but it still studders when I'm playing sloppy from time to time.
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        Yeah! Thats what I do. I have the the Acupad bass drum. I did adjust the settings to something I can't remember right now, but I can do triplets with one foot now. That really comes in handy now cuz I can't close the HH with the drop clutch I used on my A-kit. It also makes me feel like a really talented drummer.


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          I had to change a blown bass drum skin on my v session set and I had the same problem when I put the new skin on.
          Someone suggested loosening the tension on the new skin.
          I tried that and it works like it used to now.
          I don't get double and triple kicks unless I actually do a double etc.
          Might be worth giving it a try
          unless of course you don't have a tensionable skin.
          In that case disregard my suggestion
          cheers sycle1
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            Ditto. Loosening the tension on the skin (KD-120) solved the problem completely for me. No need to change the trigger settings. An e-drum pad just behaves differently. Make sure never (!) to rest the beater on the skin (that's inviting double triggers) which is something I often did on my A's, especially on jazzy 4/4 grooves. While playing, look down once in a while to see if your playing style might be the problem!
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