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Pro Tools control surfaces?

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  • Pro Tools control surfaces?

    Hey all. Soon I'll have a power mac G4 with digidesign's 001 system.

    But for more hands on control, I want some type of outboard hands on mixer, connecting directly to the software. kind of like the motor mix, but for digital audio.

    i saw the tascam US series of interfaces and control surfaces, but they keep saying "portable recording" which isn't what i want. i was a control surface.

    are there any digital mixers that can hook up via USB or anything else and is similar to my needs?

    thanks guys.
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    Well Tascam does have a few portable recording products, but are different than thier 2 USB control surfaces. Thier larger one is the US-428 and they have a smaller one as well.

    But if you do find anything else, let us know. I'm interested in the same thing (not for protools though, i'm too cheap).
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