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TD-10 Editor/Librarian

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  • TD-10 Editor/Librarian

    What products are available for editing TD-10 parameters from the computer? I looked at MidiQuest but TD-10 was not listed as supported.


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    Here are the specs for Emagic SoundDiver:

    Supported by Module "TD10TDW1"
    since version 3.0
    Features Scan: y AutoLink: y Dependencies: n/a
    Data Types Trigger Bank (E), Kit Chain (E), System Setup (E), Drum Kit (E), Perc Group (E)
    Banks Trigger Banks, Kit Chains, System Setup, Drum Kits, Percussion Groups

    What does "since version 3.0" reference?



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      ?What does "since version 3.0" reference?

      A? V-Cymbal control updated?

      I like the editing on the brain itself myself.
      A Cakewalk Studioware Panel might be useful, but I've read somewher that it's very tricky to communicate with some Roland Gear.


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        Soundiver only supported TD-7 before version 3.0 (this is the latest version).
        From 3.0 it supports TD-7, TD-8, TD-10, TD-10+TDW-1 and Alesis DM4, DM5 and DMPro.

        You can control everything from your PC, on real time. Change something on Soundiver and it will be transmitted to the TD-10 (you can turn this off if you like).

        The only drawback is that it's a little bit expensive. But you can control more than 500 different modules. Look at their web page for a complete list of modules that can be controlled. You can also use and modify an *universal module* to control other equipment . You need some programming but they provide all the information and manuals.