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vdrums Professional recording

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  • vdrums Professional recording

    I posted this in the General thread earlier and really think it should have gone here, as this was done "in the studio" - actually, that is a combination of my basement and my friend's, but, since they are nice and neat and have some cool recording stuff in them, I'll call them "the studio".

    I posted a snippet of one of the tunes from an album I played the vdrums on. Nothing fancy...but I think they sound good on "tape".
    Go to www.freedrive.com
    userid : redbrick
    passwd : vdrums

    In the "My Folder" folder, there is an mp3 called "In the Light". Please give it a listen and post your feedback.


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    Excellent, nice tune, nice playing and a very professional sound.

    Where can we get more???


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      Actually, I'm not sure when the whole album will be released. This preview is only because the guy doing the album is my best friend, whom I've played drums with for about 16 years in all kinds of different circumstances. These are not our songs, but some of a another guy and Ed was asked to arrange and record them to be more appealing/up to date recordings. So we're basically recording someone else's greatest hits album. It's pretty cool. Very laid back...almost easy listening. Unfortunately, I cannot post anymore than I already did for copyright reasons. I'll be glad to inform when the album is realeased, though.

      I also know that Amazon carries two of the albums we've done. I've pasted the direct links to them below. These are both Christian music, the first is newer than the second. Neither of them uses v-drums, but you asked where you could get more. <g> Sorry for the attrociously long links.

      Thanks for the compliment.
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        Wow, you got a nice sound out of your kit. Did you use the TD-10 for all the sounds or are you using real cymbals?

        Do you have any recording tips?



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          All the td-10 + TDW1. No real drums or cymbals. Just good mixing Technique on Ed's part and I hope good edrum technique on my part.

          All done as seperate tracks on a 1680 with appropriate compression, EQ, and effects applied. All effects came from the 1680, so they are Roland and probably some of the same ones that are built in to the td-10, I'd imagine, since both the kit and the 1680/1880 are in the same class of Prosumer equipment and came out around the same time.

          All recorded to MIDI first in Cakewalk, then dumped to audio as seperate tracks on the 1680. Only minor tweaks were done to MIDI, it just made the track very portable. All Ed needed to do to dump it to audio on the 1680 was borrow the brain and the midi track.

          Thanks for the compliment and let me know if I can provide any more specific answers.

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            I used the V's on our CD they worked out great. Some of the tunes I used an expanded TD-10 some just TD-10. They work great and sound great. One of the tunes uses the TD-7. Most of the sounds are factory pre-set only a couple instruments have been tweaked. The 8 outs on the TD-10 were awesome to work with. I wish I had more time in the studio to add more effects to the drums. Most were recorded just using room AMB levels. To check out a couple of the tunes go to www.tocsinrocks.com and check out the link to besonic.com and go to songs. Ground Zero uses the TDW-1 and Don't Turn and Run uses just the TD-10. Let me know what you think.
            Ted H.


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              Originally posted by Stixx777:
              To check out a couple of the tunes go to www.tocsinrocks.com and check out the link to besonic.com and go to songs. Ground Zero uses the TDW-1 and Don't Turn and Run uses just the TD-10. Let me know what you think.
              It took me a while to get there, as there was no besonic.com link at the tocsinrocks.com site. However, by going manually to besonic.com and entering "tocsin" in their search engine, I found Ground Zero and Don't Turn And Run.

              I liked the songs fine; sort of "pop hard rock." That's meant to be a compliment, so I hope pop isn't a bad word. By that I mean it is accessible. Like the ending of Ground Zero... dramatic, nice harmonic curve ball, and ties it up with a ribbon. I clicked PLAY and selected OPEN as opposed to SAVE (running out of HD space). It came at me at 24Kbbs, which disappointed me, as I was wanting more clarity to hear the TD-10. The playing and part seemed just as they should be. And the mix sounded fine, although 24Kbbs is a very cassette sort of fidelity. I was particularly wanting to hear the cymbals. Do you recall what kind of cymbal sounds you went for? Particularly the crash? It had a low-fi sound (not much highs), and some cymbals just DO that, so I wasn't sure if that was a result of the bit rate or selected sound. I didn't dislike the sound... I was just curious as to the karma (cause & effect) of it.

              Very good job. I'd like to hear it at 128, 160 or 192Kbbs!