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td-8 recording....ProTools/Lucid convertors....need suggestions please....

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  • td-8 recording....ProTools/Lucid convertors....need suggestions please....

    Can anyone give some suggestions on how best results can be achieved recording direct from a td-8 thru Lucid convertors to ProTools hardware...??

    this is new and unchartered territory....going without any hardware mixing...doing all the mixing within Protools, in addition to all the monitor routing...

    is it a good idea to use a direct box from the td-8 to the convertors??

    any suggestions would be much appreciated....

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    I'd try recording via midi first. Then you could play back the midi file twice, first time with kick and snare through main out l/r and toms on aux out l/r in stereo and record those on 4 track, then play it back again with all the cymbals and other stuff through all the outputs.
    In that way you'll have all the instruments on separate audio tracks for further eqing and so on.
    (you could also correct the bad notes in midi first )

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