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Midi sequencing software?

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  • Midi sequencing software?

    Ok before you jump in and say "Use the Search button" I did that. I didn't quite find the answer I was looking for. What I am after is what is a decent, easy to use, inexpensive Midi sequencing software? I have a Tascam 788 porta-studio Hard disk recorder so I am not interested in multi-tracking on a computer. I think I might want to do some sequencing set ups for my several brains TD-10, TD-8, SPD-20, HPD-15 so I can record the output on my Tascam. I know almost next to nothing about Midi at this point but it is something I think I want to learn more about. Most the threads about software also have recommended software for multi-tracking too. As mentioned I am more concerned with what would be good for just Midi Sequencing? I may eventually get into some recording too on the PC but that would be much later down the road. I would be wanting to run this on a PC not a Mac. Any help would be appreciated.

    Brian Kidd

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    If your tascam has midi in/out and can handle midi clock/midi sync, you should be able to sync midi sequences with your modules to the hard disk recorder...

    I used one of the Roland vs recorders with a software computer sequencer and a module and I worked fine....

    If I were you I would make the jump into computer software sequencing....seems a lot easier in the long run.....If all you want to record is midi, you could pick up a low end PC for pennies these days....I bought one the other day off ebay for $25...

    Get one with USB and pick up a midi interface with at least 4 in and 6 out...midiman and motu make good units...

    your software sequencer options are unlimited....a good basic program for midi would be Cakewalk.....Pro Audio 9 can be picked up used for cheap this days, since everyone is jumping to the SONAR update.....Cakewalk has good device support....in other words, all your modules can put set up to change patch bank and system exclusive within your software sequencer....

    Again, if your midi interface and hard disk recorder support SMPTE, your can sync your software and recorder together for a great setup....

    I had a roland vs 840ex, a motu micro express interface, a real crappy 7 year old 486 PC, and I was able to clock a Yamaha drum module, dm pro, roland keyboard thru Cakewalk and Logic with SMPTE and make some cool recordings in real time....

    hope this helps


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      From one Captain to another, Thanks . Yeah the Tascam does have a Midi in and Out but I wasn't orginally thinking of doing any synching per se to any of the midi devices. I want to do all my seqencing on the computer then in turn have that run my midi devices and just record the audio output to the Tascam. I might want to get into synching down the road but since I am pretty new to recording and such that it is beyond my talent at this point to do that yet. Like I mentioned I did find reference to software while doing a search but the software mentioned usually was referring to either just multi-tracking or multi-tracking and Midi and since my primary goal, at least for now, is Midi sequencing so that's why I was asking pretty much just about Midi software. Anyway, I have heard of Cakewalk quite a bit so I will look into that. With that is there some sort of device chart or setup availiable for the TD-10, TD-8 and such? It seems to me that someone on this list has already done some of that but I'm not sure, plus I may not be knowing what the hell I'm talking about . Anyway, thanks again, and anyone else with input please let me know.

      Brian "Captain Kidd" Kidd


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        Okay, if you want to record midi sequences into your computer and then the audio output into your TASCAM, screw midi sync....its very simple to do what you want to do, seriously....

        I recommend Cakewalk because its the simplest to get up and running with little experience....the preset kits should already be loaded into the software when you install it, you have to look for "instrument defintions' for all your modules...

        If you really want to get serious (and a tad more complicated), go with emagic Logic audio
        where you can set up all your modules in environments....you can download patch banks for all your modules from various user sites...what's cool about Logic is you can set up different module configurations for different projects...the midi editing and quantising in Logic are also far superior to Cakewalk...

        Of course, there's allways Cubase....some people love it...I always found their bank defintions for modules a pain in the ass to get configured...their midi features are more advanced than Cakewalk, though, you may not need them...


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          Cubase for me but then I am biased as I have been using it since the Atari version so it feels like a close friend!