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roland vs-840 (zip100 --> zip250)

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  • roland vs-840 (zip100 --> zip250)

    I bought a used vs-840 recently (quite good price), I found that the zip 100 disk is not enough for recording 1 song.........
    so I asked my local roland dealer for vs-840-up-1 upgrade , which can let it use zip 250.... but they told me that this upgrade package is discontinued......
    I want to know can I upgrade it myself??
    can I replace the zip 100 drive by a zip 250 drive , and upgrade the software??
    any idea???


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    I finally replaced the zip 100 drive with a 2gig harddisk .
    It works! but I read only 1 gig.
    but it is enough for me!!

    Originally posted by c. jude:
    I honestly don't have any idea but my experience with Roland tells me to doubt it. They are notorious for going out of the way to make it difficult to upgrade without their proprietary stuff. If someone tells you it can be done, make sure you trust they know what they are talking about.