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Recording with acid music 2.0

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  • Recording with acid music 2.0

    I am working on an album with some musicians and we are using acid music 2.0 to record. Up until now we have been using drum loops or i have been building drum beats from one shots and parts of loops to get the basic structure of the song down. Tonight I plugged my vdrum into the input jack on my sound card and played away laying down some drum tracks and trying to find a decent sound. Everything is sounding good, nice and full except the snare. Any hints on how to get the snare "fatter?" Anyone recording this way? So far everything is sounding great and we are saving a lot of money. but my v custom snare just doesn't sound natural.

    suggestions please...

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    Have you tried messing with the acid's eq? You could also try adding the chorus effect to the snare off acid.

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