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Help with new studio setup

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  • Help with new studio setup


    I hope this is the correct forum to ask these questions in...if it isn't please direct me to the proper one! i have done searches of newsgroups, etc...with no definative help.

    I am not a drummer, but I do have a small home studio and i am looking for advice on a decent e-set. here's my questions:

    1)module - looking for one with the most realistic sounds and with decent outputs for recording.
    2)pads - I don't have room for a full kit, so I have been looking at the KAT stuff to control a module.

    price isn't so much as an issue as is sound and quality. are there better ways to approach this? things i may be overlooking? thanks for your help!


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    hey for you-SOMETHING ROOMY--SOMETHING interesting??--go with the V-CLUB set--or if moneys not an issue go with the TD-10-these are the most up to date modules I would suggest-You can tweek these modules for ever-
    you can download from MIDI right into the mudule of the TD-10-And they are some what affordable-the pads are small enough for your situation-but they are live drums--these would work well for your begging into the drum world-