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Studio monitors

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  • Studio monitors

    I know this like many things is subject to personal preference but what kind of studio monitors do people like. I've been looking into getting a set of the new Alesis M1 Mk2's which run about $500.00/pr so I am looking for comparisons of other monitors in the same price range. I have a Tascam 788 digital recorder and this will be just for my own personal/hobby recording use. Thoughts/suggestions?

    Brian Kidd

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    Check out the Yamaha MSP5. I preferred them to the Alesis M1 Actives that I compared them with. I got mine at Guitar Center for $450 for the pair...They are bi-amped also.

    Be aware that either of these monitors will sound good and true, but the drums will not have the boom you are used to coming from them. Good detail though.

    When you go from headphiones to either of these monitors, you will feel bad...until you re-aquaint with the monitors...then you'll be happy again.

    Best advice is to listed to EVERYTHING in your CD collection that you like the sound of - through the monitors...this way you can get used to how they sound on stuff you already know...Helps you mix your own stuff so that it will sound good on other systems and be in the same ballpark mix-wise - bass to treble ratio, instrument balance, compression, etc...

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      I work in a pro-audio shop and we've sold very much Alesis monitors. While their sound quality is very ok, their built quality is not. Sometimes I get the impression that almost every pair we've sold has come back to be repaired. Off course this is not true, but it does say something about Alesis.

      The MSP-5's are fine monitors as well, but lack some low end.

      There's more to say about this, but I don't have time right now!

      Music was my first love...


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        I would also like to get a nice set of powered studio monitors, but the price keeps puckering me up. I can route my sound card output from my dinky little Yamaha computer speakers to my home theater system (Denon receiver & AR speakers) with a few mouse klicks, so it seems to be a high price to pay for convenience (laziness). It would be nice to have a couple of decent studio monitors though. I saw/heard some new monitors made by M-Audio at Samash for $300/pr. They sounded pretty good to me, so maybe I'll suck it up and buy myself a pair for X-mas. M-Audio makes sound cards and breakout boxes and I've been pretty happy with their Delta 1010 system, so hopefully their speakers are decent also. You can check out the speakers at:

        Other than that though, I haven't really listened to many small studio monitors, because the price always makes me shy away.


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          Thanks for the replies guys, MPCman I've kind of heard the same thing from a local music shop about the M1's blowing speakers. Alesis now have the M1 Mk2's which I'm kind of hoping that they corrected the problems with but don't know for sure. I did e-mail Alesis a few days ago about this concern but haven't heard anything back (probably never will). I think though I might end up with either the Yamaha Yamaha MSP5's or look into the Events like the PS6's. There is a Guitar Center about 2 blocks from where I work that I can demo some of these but it's hard if not impossible to find a place that carries all or most of them.

          Brian Kidd