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V-Drum Rock MIDI Performances Wanted

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  • V-Drum Rock MIDI Performances Wanted

    I use the TD-10 as a sound module in my home studio, and I am looking to buy MIDI drum patterns that were performed on a V-Drum kit. I recently purchased a well-performed but useless set of rock patterns from Beatboy. Session Drummer's stuff was also rather lame.

    What I really want is a MIDI recording of a REAL rock drummer playing REAL rock drum patterns a/la Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen, John Bonham, Lars Ulrich. Just simple, straight-ahead, LOUD 4/4. Also, how about a good, sloppy, Sex Pistols style double-time punk groove that acually sounds like rock and roll and NOT like a freakin' polka! And I am definitely NOT interested in the busy, hiphoppity **** everyone calls "rock" patterns.

    Has anyone purchased or recorded anything worth my money or my time?

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    Originally posted by lionofdeath:
    Has anyone purchased or recorded anything worth my money or my time?
    I would say that your lack of a) clarity and b) civility are the reasons that you haven't gotten any responses to this.

    Try asking again, and give some feedback on what TYPES of beats, specifically, you are after? If you want someone to play along to a specific song, and record the performance so that you can get the MIDI track, that's something else.

    You say, "Loud, straight ahead 4/4". Do you mean an 8-beat? A 16-beat? A shuffle? It's all 'straight ahead 4/4'. Much of Tommy Lee's stuff, with different instrumentation would sound just like that 'hiphoppity sh*t' that you referred to. Perhaps the beats that you have already purchased are just fine, but your instrumentation on top of them isn't working?

    But, if you are looking for someone to come up with beats that meet your unknown requirements, good luck!

    - Hans
    - Hans


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      Point taken, Hans.

      What I mean is Kick on 1 and 3 with occasional grace notes on the "and" or "ah" of 1 or 3...hard snare on 2 and 4...straight 8th's on the hat...

      Examples: Alex VH "You really got me" (Except maybe substitue ride for crash during the chorus)...Bonzo on "Rock and Roll" with that big, sloshy hat...Tommy Lee on "Looks that Kill" or "Girls"...Lars Ulrich on "Aint my *****"...

      Also looking for subtle stuff like crescendo's where the drums not only get louder in the phrase but the hat gets sloshier thru the phrase. I cant think of an example.