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what would you do with only $2K?!

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  • what would you do with only $2K?!

    v-friends -

    i seek your advice. i have some digital recording needs and am in the market for some new gear (in addition to my new monitors and/or headphones).

    here is what i am trying to do:
    - record my v-drums (preferably audio and midi, but audio at the very least)
    - record random acoustic percussion instruments i play
    - record myself playing with a metronome on a practice pad. (sounds weird, i know, it is for the timekeeping system my drum teacher devised)
    - recording dj mixes (from my turntables and mixer)
    - eventually record other instruments, such as an acoustic jazz trio
    - turn these recordings into mp3s that can easily be shared online
    - occasionally burn cd's of these recordings

    here are my constraints:
    - i have a dell dimension 4100 PC (PIII 800 with 512MB Ram, one slow 40GB drive, internal CD-RW, 21 monitor, fast connection) on ONE side of my apartment. i use this computer frequently for work.
    - i have my v-drums (with TD-10exp module) stuffed into a 4x4 closet at the other side of my apartment on the OTHER side of my apartment
    - i would like to spend under $2000, preferably around $1500 in the short term

    since space is an issue, portability is a big factor. for this reason, i have been considering either something like a portable DAW (eg, roland vs-1880) or a laptop situation. laptops seem a bit tricky however and i would need to spend a considerable amount beyond the price of the laptop getting it up to speed (audio interface, midi interface, faster drive, etc). i know that i will need to get at least one decent microphone, for recording the practice pad playing, for right now.

    as a full-on computer geek with a degree in computer science, i never thought i would consider something like the roland vs- series but it seems like it might make sense for me, in terms of cost and performance. that it comes bundled with a version of logic seems like an added plus. i learned today about the r-bus interface, which seems like it could work well for me in terms of editing my recording in a friendlier computer setting. not sure if this works with midi, though.

    any of you with vastly more knowledge in this area care to share some input? i humbly thank you guys in advance for any advice you can offer.


    (shout out to dr. k for the post subject sample)

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    Since you mentioned the VS series of DAWs: Roland Studio Pack. Comes with a great digital mixer with 24-bit inputs, an R-Bus card and Logic RPC. Will set you back 700 bucks, and you can use the rest of the cash you have to beef up your computer, or buy Logic Platinum, since Logic RPC is comparable with Logic Silver, and you may want more power.
    If you have money left, and you're working with loops (or want to) I'd recommend ReCycle and Reason. Both together smoke anything else there is out there.

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      stu -

      thanks for the thoughts. i had previously checked out this package and it looks pretty good, but it doesn't readily fufill the portability need. that's where the vs- series seemed to make more sense for me.

      in my typical flip-floping way, last night i was wooed by the siren of the RME hammerfall DSP laptop interface. essentially a digi001 type interface (with 96khz sampling) for a laptop. also, echo's layla|24 interface will soon have a similar cardbus interface for laptops. now i am thinking possibly dell refurbed laptop and one of these breakout box interfaces ... hmmm .... will probably put my $500 over budget but seems to fulfill the basic needs with the natural upgrade room of a computer based system.

      any thoughts?


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        thought i would post my final decision for all interested folks - i went for the laptop. in the end, i decided to pay a little extra for the great extensibility. i was also able to find an excellent deal on dell inspiron 8100 for $1200 from dell refurd. once upon a time, everyone wanted to use these for recording but there was a fan bug that would cause major latencies with the hard drive. some guy posted a fix for this online and now many have said they are having great success using this machine for audio.

        so now i'm going to wait and see how the cardbus interfaces are received by the pro audio experts and eventually go with one of those and something like logic on the software front.

        good links for any interested parties:

        hammerfall dsp:

        echo layla/mona:

        inspiron 8100 (and fan-bug fix):

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          Keep us posted on how the system works out, and let me know if you get involved in any of the rocket network stuff.


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            definitely will, doc. i can't remember if i posted to the rocketnetwork post, but i have been investigating it for a little while to see if i can use it bring the gap between some percussionist friends of mine in japan. i'm excited to see how well it actually works.