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First recording with VDrums.....

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  • First recording with VDrums.....

    Ok all, thought I'd just let you know that our band just wrapped up our first CD (Contemporay Modern Christain). We recorded at a local 'low budget' studio that used Roland digital recording equipment. I patched my TD-10 L & R Master outputs through my BBE 462 Sound Maximizer, then out to the studio's main mixing board. I used about 8 different kits, and kept all of the original on-board effects and compression in place.

    What a fun learning experiance!! The studio owner was blown away with how easy it was to record the VDrums and to do the final mix. We easily saved a couple of hundred $$ by not having to mike my acoustics, as well as getting the volume levels set 'just right' by simply using my TD-10 faders. On one song we were all having timing challenges, so I just turned on my click track, and one take later, it's a wrap. Another 'first time experiance' on using a TD-10 feature!!

    As I type this I have the CD playing through my computer, and I still can't believe how good the drums sound. This is the first time I've heard the drums in stereo on a recording - very realistic sounding. The TDW-1 cymbals are unbelievable!! Nothing electronic sounding at all, very natural with great depth and character (the BBE made a big differance for sure).

    I am very excited about our next recording session this fall, and really expanding the possiblities of recording with the V's. If you ever get a chance to record using your V's, DO IT! You will gain a whole new apprecation of your VDrums.

    And no, I don't have any MP3's (yet). Still haven't learned how to do that yet. I'm too busy having fun playing my VDrums!
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      Great post!


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        Very encouraging news! What type of recording device was used for your recording? Was you able to edit any drum sounds if needed?

        I am looking to record from a home environment and then send the file back to the band for a final mix. Anyone have any good suggestions regarding reasonable equipment for this type of application?



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          I also enjoyed recording with my V's. I used all 8 outs so that I did not have to worry as much about levels and so I could add effects to the sounds later. The first thing I learn was that ambiance needs to be adjusted when using multiple outs but that was an easy fix. I ran my outs the following way and it was so easy:

          Master R - Kick
          Master L - Snare
          1R - Hihat
          1L - Ride
          2R & L - Toms/Percusion
          3R & L - Cymbals

          I also play in a Christian band let me know when you have an MP3 so I can check it out. You can check out my bands music at www.tocsinrocks.com there is a link to besonic there, that is were the MP3's are. If your band has a web site let me know I would love to check it out. You can email me at [email protected] or [email protected] I would love to chat with you.

          PS: After people hear the CD and I tell them that all the drums are E-Drums they can't believe it, V-Drums rock!!

          PS 2: If there are any other drummers in Christian bands here I would love to hear from you too!

          Ted H.
          Ted H.


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            Thanks for all the great words. To tell you the truth, I haven't got a clue as to what the recording stuff was, other than it was Roland and digital. Guess I'll pay more attention next time in the studio. The end results were awesome though. Our band '4Given' is getting it's web site developed, and as soon as we have some sound bites on it, I'll be sure to let you know. It's always great to listen to everyones sound bites with the VDrums on them.
            Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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              I'm drumming for The New Wine Winos, www.mp3.com/newwinewinos

              It's alternative folk rock, I guess. The recordings are a combo of acoustic and electronic kits. Basically, we've just done demo versions so far.
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                I play in church and have started to get into some MIDI recordings using my Macintosh. I don't have a Vdrums, instead using a TD7 to it's fullest. (Interesting that some of the things I've seen mentioned that the TD8/10 can't do, I can do it easily on the TD7, but that's beside the point.)
                I've done some recording's for my friend's church album and it was really cool to be able to do everything from my own house. E-drum's benefit. I am just going to get a new AKAI SG01K sound module unit to get better sounds for the bass, synth piano and the other instruments and to be able to convince more people doing christian albums to let me do a MIDI drum recordings for them.(instead of asking me to travel miles to some studio to do live drum recordings)
                Yes, most of the stuff you mentioned up there, I know what you mean about the ease of doing recordings. But I noticed you did have to bring your setup to the studio to do an audio sound recording. If you record to a computer as a MIDI file, you have a whole lot of other possibilities as well. Hope that more contemporary christian drummers uses more edrum technology like this.



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                  i dont believe in god...BUT

                  i'm going into the studio on wednesday. and i found this topic to be MORE than reassuring...the studio i'm going into is AMAZINg, but the producer is nervous b/c he's never worked with Vs before..oh well

                  ill post some clips

                  hit harder???


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                    Hi Guys,

                    Just had my first v-experience in the recording studio. Well, I use 'recording studio' in the loosest of terms: we were in our usual rehearsal room, the desk & PC were in an adjacent room: not ideal - but it only cost us $100 (AU) for 6 hours!

                    The V's were great (customs). I used two preset kits with few minor changes (Funk Jazz & Rosewood). Toms & cymbals stereo through master out kick through direct L and snare through direct R.

                    In comparison to previous sessions with acoustics, this was a stroll in the park. We were just laying down four covers as a demo. I arrived at 6 I had set up, got the sound right, recorded four tracks and packed away by 8.

                    Later there was a drummer in the room having a listen: he said "hell, how do you get the drums to sound soooooo good ?!" He was genuinely amazed (at the sound quality not my playing ...). The sound guy said - "Oh, it was easy - they're those Roland V-drums". This is a great testament to both the realism and the sound quality.

                    I'll give these the big thumbs up for recording (along with gigging). Whilst the demo is only of demo quality, the drums came out fantastic.

                    Don't be afraid people . . . go for it!
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