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Downloading patterns from TD-8 module to computer

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  • Downloading patterns from TD-8 module to computer

    I just purchased my V-custom kit a week ago. I learned last night how to record patterns on the TD-8 module. Could someone explain how I can download the patterns from the TD-8 module into my home computer. I assume I will need a MIDI cable and maybe some type of special software. I eventually want to burn a CD of some of my drum tracks. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    From Jim Barber:

    I've finally got my TD-8 talking to my computer. All i'm doing is backing up my User settings (drum kits/patterns) but i'm waiting for y'all to post your drum kits for the TD-8 so I can try them out.

    I found a shareware program that works very nicely for up- and downloading from the TD-8.
    Midi-ox, located at:

    All you have to do is go to View|Sysex then load+send a file or dump from the TD-8 then save on your hard disk.

    clatoz, I can give you Jim's email address if you'd like to contact him personally.

    Burnin' CD's is a whole 'nother issue. Anyone care to elaborate the process?


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      Why not just record the tracks directly into the computer? You'd have more flexibility with a [midi] Cakewalk situation, or you could record the digital audio direct and skip the midi hassle altogether.

      I'm thinking if you download the patterns as MIDI files to your computer, you're still gonna need to hook up your TD-8 module to the computer, send the midi out on the computer to midi in on the TD-8, then audio out on the TD-8 to audio in on the computer.

      To that end, there's no point in recording your patterns to the TD-8 first, it's just a waste of time.
      I'd either record your patterns via midi to the computer, and do everything computer-based (in the warm, cozy world of 'digital,' away from the imperfections and incosistencies of the ugly and analog human race), or do what you need to do with the TD-8 (either record patterns or play a live performance) and record that directly into the computer as digital audio, but not both.

      Once the tracks are recorded as digital audio, you can burn them to a CD.

      Let me know if this makes sense or if I've misunderstood the question.

      [email protected]


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        I assumed he/she needed to free up Pattern memory and wanted to archive what was already created.

        A "Charlie Watts" (no dis - I love some of his stuff!) could probably play for years without using up the precious little memory Roland provides on the TD-10. But even with the improved memory provided by the TD-8, I bet a "Steve Gadd" could fill it in a very few minutes.

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          Thank you both Lee and Binary for your responses to my question. I am first going to try the midiox shareware and see how that works-the last thing I want to do right now is shell out money for additional software. Yes, I want to do this mainly for archive purposes. When I store some good patterns in my TD-8 module, I want to download them on my pc, to clear up the memory in my TD-8. When I get enough patterns stored on my pc, I will then burn a cd for archive purposes, then delete the files from my pc. I think you can put something like 650 mb on a CD, so that will be an aweful lot of patterns!

          Thanks again,



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            Ok....yes, so I definately misunderstood your intentions there.
            Sorry about that....

            [email protected]


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              Since I have *no* experience with tweaking my V-Custom, I'd really appreciate someone e-mailing their drum kits to me.

              I'm waiting for VTransKit to talk to my Custom, but in the meantime, does anyone have a sysedit file of their custom drum kits they'd be willing to send to me via email?


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                I use cakewalk pro 9 to record all midi sequences of any kind to my pc.

                You have a valid reason for recording your drum patterns to midi first. For the price of a nice midi cable and a little more you can accomplish all you wish with the following.

                1. With Cakewalk Midi Music Pack (retails for $42 and includes your midi cable and basic software) you could record your drum patterns and then seperate all the drum notes to individual tracks and then tweek them for accuracy and volume mostly. Use the quantize and scale velocity features to smooth out any inconsistencies in your patterns.
                2. Or skip the midi editing feature and burn these patterns directly to audio as this cakewalk program features two tracks of audio in addition to all those midi tracks.
                Save your audio to MP3 or convert to a readable wave file suitable for CD burning.

                I have been a cakewalk user for many years and this is why I am suggesting this software.
                I'm sure the others here may also suggest other basic programs by Emagic etc.
                They will all give you the same basic results and probably provide you with some nice audio and midi features in one program.

                Just in case you are curious about the cakewalk software, visit... http://cakewalk.com/Products/MIDIMusicPack.htm

                I hope this helps
                Studio 118


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                  Studio 118,

                  You have started to answer my question! I just ordered a V Custom yesterday and am anxiously awaiting arrival! I have a 500 Mhz PC w/128MB of RAM and Sound Blaster Live card. I want to create a web site with some samples of my V Drums in MP3 format. Do you think Cakewalk is the best choice for this? I want the V Drums to sound natural and not computerized which is what I have found some midi samples to sound like. I guess MIDI samples are only as good as your sound card? If not Cakewalk then how can you record directly to your hard drive from the TD-8 and then create MP3's?



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                    If you mainly just want to record MP3's, no need to shell out the bucks for Cakewalk. I use PowerTracks, sort of a stripped down version of Cakewalk, as far as I can tell. It costs like $40 or less and works fine. Try this link:

                    I've tried using it for recording and overdubbing, with mixed results. So I'm not sure I'd recommend it for home recording. But for just recording a few drum samples in MP3 format it works fine.

                    Another, even cheaper option is to record Wave files using Windows sound recorder, then convert to MP3's using an MP3 encoder. I use Right-click, it's shareware (around $5) and can be dwonloaded at:


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                      Hi! I just bought a TD-10, and I'm still learning to use it. Is it also posible to transfer patterns and settings to a computer from a TD-10???



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                        You can go to the patches page on this site and d/l "Vkit Trans" This should do what you want. Its a great tool. As you can see there is also a separate forum on this as well.