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Thanks, now what

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  • Thanks, now what

    Hey edrummers out there! I appreciate everyones advice. I went with the Roland V-Pro, which i bought from samash.com. I think they sent me the wrong stand. All the drums are fine, but the stand is purple and a little roughed up. It's probably the display stand for the concert set. But it works perfect. I decided to go ahead with the PM-3, which are some of the best sounding speakers I've ever heard.

    But now that all of that is taken care of, I have a new purchase I need some help with. I don't plan on buying it for quite a while, but I'd like the advice. I'm currently putting together a small home recording studio. I am really a total rookie at all of this. All I do is play drums, and I'm really good with computers. So I basically want all of the recording to be done on the computer...I think. Here's what I have, and what I want to do:

    A Roland V-Pro Electronic Drum Set (One stereo output PAIR)
    A Roland RS-5 Synthesizer Keyboard (One stereo output PAIR)
    Bass and Electric Guitars (One line out for each)
    Mic for Vocals (One line out)

    - What I want to do is be able to hook everything up into a mixer, right. I need at least 6 inputs to the mixer, right?
    The Behringer Euroracks look really nice. Anyone heard of these/use these? Maybe something such as the EURORACK MX602A or the EURORACK MXB1002. Would these suit my needs?

    - I want to send what ever I have mixed to my computer for recording. Is there a way to send each track separately to the software and keep the
    tracks separate, while we all play at the same time?

    - Do I need to buy a recording card? I'm looking one such as this one: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/ex/sh...519?pid=701346
    Is that one appropriate for what I want to use it for?

    So that's it. Does anyone know what to do? Thanks you for your time and I hope to heard from you soon.

    Andy G.
    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.

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    Hey Andy G, Congrats on your new investment...in time you'll learn to really appreciate them. anyway, to further expand your capabilities with the v's and the rest of your gear you will need at the least the following peices to complete your goal.

    1.atleast a 12 channel mixer ...i use a mackie 24/4.8 ins and 8 outs. for you and what your trying to record..you'll need at least 6 inputs and 6 outputs

    2. a monitor setup, either a powered set up or a seperate monitor for the monitors.

    3. a good full duplex sound card and I/O unit.. such as the one your looking at eg... delta product.( i'm using the delta 10/10 and i love it. nice and simple.

    4. a good recording software, such as Cakewalk, Cubase vst, E-magic Logic Platinum,Pro Tools ect...... depending on your computer setup and you experience. for you i would suggest Cakewalk for it's user freindly setup and use.

    5.optional, but necessary...some out board gear such as a compressor, gate, reverb unit, highly recomend a BBE Sonic Maximizer,a 1/3 octave EQ( maybe two)

    6. also optional.. i use a Digitech RP 2000 for the guitar(no Guitar Amp needed,just plug in and play,sounds incredible. Just my two cents worth) A Bass module such as a Line 6 Bass Pod Pro..or the equivelent.(same deal here, just plaug and play, again sounds incredible ,no bass amp needed or mics.)

    7.atleast two Sure SM58's And/or Sm 57's Michrophones.

    8. Least but not last, your computer should have atleast a 350 meg processor, atleast a 13 gig harddrive on the operating system, and a 30/40 /60 gig hard drive for the recording software and recorded files. you'll want to run the program ergo...Cakewalk on let's say E: and the operating system ergo..Windows 98se on C:

    You Could store all your works on a third drive such as D: but it's not nessecary. this is what i have and do. which works well.

    9. some sort of recording device such as a staple product now given with most computers a cd burner... or a more expensive route as well as professional route some outboard burners like fostex cd burners or a dat machine. it's totally up to you, and what you want from your gear... alot of today's music is being recorded in home studios with little amounts of gear, and they sound incredible.

    Well that's basically it, and i know it's alot of money to get all this but you can break this all down and still use the bare minium and create great recorded music. feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] anytime, if you have anymore questions. i could probably even save you some money on the recording software if you want.. let me know and have fun with your v's.

    [email protected]
    Digital Bros. Studios

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