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    Since I'm very new at this, I would appreciate any advise on this piece of equiptment before we purchase one. The Tascam 788 seems to be a great way to get started for 4 piece jazz-fusion group that I play with. I was wondering if anybody has any experience with this item or thinks it would be a bad move. I've got a price of about $780 from Mars,

    Thanks in advance.


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    Good suggestions Harlock

    RPG> don't buy an analog multitracker! For the same money you can have something digital which has a better sound quality and editing functions(copy-paste etc).
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      If you need any persuading in buying a digital multitrack recorder just consider this :Undo function. It's a life saver.

      Go digital, mate, you won't regret it.

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        Thanks everybody for the informative responses. I did actually compare that Fostex recorder and it didn't sound as good. Perhaps the 16 bit digitizer is more limiting than the 24 bit digitizer contained in the tascam.

        Also, I'm a bit confused, because I thought the tascam 788 IS a digital multitracker. Just in case I got my wires crossed again, here's the url:

        As far as the card is concerned, this is also a nice suggestion, the only problem was that we wanted to pass the unit to each band member so that they could lay down their tracks individually over a week's time. Thus, portability is essential.

        Thanks again for all of your help. I have already learned much from your responses.



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          rpg -
          I went w/ the Fostex VF-16 because it has 8 simultaneous analog inputs. More analog inputs is something to consider, anyway. You may decide later that you want to record rehearsals/performancees on the fly with a full band - which would be limited with only four analog inputs (especially if you wanted more control of the drum mix).
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