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recording and live sound

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  • recording and live sound

    does anyone have real experience with setting up for the best live sound how do you rig it thru the pa? the monitors? i have the sub and a kc500 plus i use two 150watt selfpowered jbls for balance i use real cyms and hh double bass and 5 toms the sound man *****es and moans hes getting hammered from my output form the 500 into the snake when i can hear everything he says its not balanced when its balanced i cant hear help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    DUDE! The KC has a separate line out volume USE IT!!! Pump the master up to a good leval for you, and check in on the pa via the line out knob.

    As to how your routing the other speakers i don't know, where are they getting their mix from?

    hope this helps.