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Triggering midi sounds in Cubase

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  • Triggering midi sounds in Cubase

    Is it possible to trigger midi sounds in Cubase VST 5 using the V-Drums? I have Roland V-Pro pads and an unexpanded TD-10. Any help would be great, I haven't received my manual yet. Thank you.

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    Yes but not really in realtime without hearing the latency of the system.
    You really need your manual in front of you to do this so i`d wait for that if I were you.


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      I was able to trigger the module in Cubase with a minimal degree of latency using a MidiMan Delta 44 soundcard, and setting the buffers in the 500 range...

      The type of soundcard and whether or not you are using ASIO drivers determines the latency I found...The latency was around 9ms, while not perfect was pretty damn manageable for playing real time...

      there are some sound cards out there that claim 1-2ms latency, I'm not familiar with them all, but I'm sure some of the folks at www.cubase.net could steer you right....


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        I have an Echo-Mia soundcard with the buffers set at 128 and getting a 2ms latency.
        Great little card.$199.00 www.echoaudio.com

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          Make sure you don't confuse Audio or Midi latency with eachother!
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