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Synching the TD-10 with Cubase 5

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  • Synching the TD-10 with Cubase 5

    Okay, I have an unexpanded TD-10, and I need to synch the click track with Cubase VST 5 so that I can hear it in the headphones but not in the overall mix. Any help would be greatly appreciated, though bear in mind I have not yet received my manual (being sent from Japan!). Thanks.

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    Again you are going to need your manual for this but it just involves setting the TD10`s sequencer to run with an "external" sync sent via midi from cubase.
    I would really wait until you have the manual and try to crack it yourself and if you are still having trouble then post again and someone will help you out.
    Don`t think i`m being awkward here but I just feel that if something is spoon fed to you then you don`t really take it in.
    Youve got a lot of expensive kit their so you might as well learn the ins and outs of it.


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      Thanks for both replies e-drummer. There is just so much I need to learn about the TD-10, but Roland UK said it'd be 8-10 weeks for the manual, and I'm getting itchy feet!!! Too bad I suppose, it'll be great when it finally comes. Cheers anyway.