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    Hi there , I am looking into getting some v-drums soon as I've been using a boss dr-770 for a while now and am bored of programming all the time!! I have made several mp3's with the dr-770 and it doesnt sound too bad , but I miss playing so am looking to upgrade. The reason I am writing is because I downloaded the mp3 demo's of the v-drums and it sounds great but the beats in the demo were so basic. I'd love to hear a real drummer using one and was wondering if any of you out there could point me in the direction of any mp3 songs which have v-drums in them.
    Many thanks

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      Go to the free loops page for lots of loops all recorded on the V-Pro kit


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        I have two self-produced songs on, one of which ("Simple Happy Dream") uses the V-Drums prominently. A lot of folks (myself included) feel the snare is too loud in the mix, but for your purposes, that can't be a bad thing.

        The URL is . I would definitely appreciate your feedback, even if the style (roots reggae) isn't one you favor. I did all the playing and singing, so don't hold back. By the way, the other song ("Specimen") uses a DR-660.

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          Thanks for the quick responses and am downloading as much as I can and will give you my honest opinion soon Although I use a drum machine , I have loads of mp3s out mostly in the style of rock solo guitar a la satriani
          if you want to give it a go


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            Spoony, I you are looking to buy a V-Drum kit you can try mine. I have a TD-8 kit, had it about six months. I live in Luton so Im not far from you. Just a thought.
            e-mail me at [email protected] if your are interseted.


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              Chris Williams:

              Great songs! Please let me know when you have some more.

              [email protected]

              My Hart Dynamics GigaPro (vintage 1999)


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                look under music about mid way down the page and click experiment



                any feedback appreciated

                "Half the World Waits While Half the World Does Everyday"
                "Half the World Waits While Half the World Does Everyday"


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                  Hey ;O)
                  Many thanks for your reply to the v-drums forum. Much appreciated and I loved the track you did with it , they sound great. You have a monster set up there bro !!!
                  I used to have a kit , but sadly had to sell it as it was just to loud for the house , so I got a dr-770 instead and then I heard about v-drums , the sound a feel of a kit but you can use them with headphones ) So I've surfed the internet for as many opinions and soundclips of them as I can find and the overall opinion seems to be that they are great !
                  I see Mike Portnoy is one of your influences ? I think other than Neil Peart , he is probably the best drummer out there. I have all the dream theater cd's and the 2 liquid tension experiment cd's he released too !
                  So compared to a real kit , which are the good any bad points of v-drums in your opinion ?
                  Many thanks again for the response
                  All the best