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My drums sound like crap

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  • My drums sound like crap

    Ok, I am going to take a step back and describe the problem like I am a complete noob, and maybe someone can see what I am doing wrong...

    Core problem: My drums sound unfun recorded. Basically, I play on my drums using the headphones. They sound AWESOME. Like stupid ridiculous great sounding. I then record them via the direct outs... they sound tiny and wimpy and crappy.

    I have a TD-10, big fancy PC, Cubase SE, and a Mackie Onyx 400F. I start off with a Factory Reset TD-10. I am using all six direct outs, and the way I did that was by going into the Mixer options on the TD-10 and left/right separating and then putting each set of L/R on the directs. So it maps out as follows:

    Kick D1L
    Snare D1R
    Little Toms D2L
    Big Toms D2R
    Hat D3L
    Cymbals D3R

    I then set levels accordingly... and the first thing I notice is that the direct outs on the TD10 is LOW. I double check grpvol under mixer and the drums are at 100. I crank it up to 127 (max), not much difference. My physical sliders are all the way up. The Volume tab sliders are also all capped. Oh well, gain knobs get turned up, hooray for hiss!

    Ok, now I record. I pay little attention to the sound quality while recording, play some easy beats, whatever. Then I play it back and it sounds maybe 91245x worse than when using headphones directly on the module. Levels among all the sends is about equal as expected, but the badness of the sound is not due to a bad mix as much as it is the core sound. It sounds like weak signals being amplified.

    So I think my problem is that my direct outs aren't giving me a hot enough signal, but I can't seem to find any setting on my TD-10 that would change this. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated. I also eliminated my Onyx/PC/Cubase portion as it records guitar GREAT using my line 6 gear box.

    I don't know, I just want to record, I hate this crap :P.


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    The ambience and effects only go through the master outs...directs are "dry" prolly already knew that

    this thread might help
    chris :D


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      Actually, I had gone to STudio->Ambience->Amb level and turned the ambience on the directs as well. Should have mentioned that.


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        The input impedance of the 4 mic/line inputs (XLR)
        are different from the 4 (Jack) line inputs, i don't have time
        to read up on it, but it could be it's an Onyx input choice
        related problem ?

        edit :
        the XLR/mic/line inputs can also handle 1/4"jack plugs ?
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          So you think I should try a snake with 1/4" -> XLR?

          Btw, thank you guys for responding to this.