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TD-50x to DAW , MIDI or USB?

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  • TD-50x to DAW , MIDI or USB?

    I need to connect my TD-50x to my 2020 iMac i7 DAW. The TD-50x where it currently sits is 30+ feet from the iMac. I could move the TD50x to the other side of kit which would allow me to use a Tripp Lite 25' active repeater USB cable, though I dont know if that would be a good solution.

    My other option would be to buy a Midi to USB interface and use a Midi cable from the TD50x. I am not savy with Midi, would need to identify and buy an interface.

    I guess, first question would be is USB the preferred connection to an iMac, or do most people prefer to implement via the Midi cable?
    Second question, is anybody using the 25' USB repeater cable or similar with a TD module to computer?

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    1. MIDI cables can run up to 50ft
    2. If you're sending MIDI to your computer - what are you doing about the audio? What's making the sounds? You haven't mentioned that part.
    3. If you're using a software synth then do you have an audio interface?
    4. If you don't have an audio interface and are planning to use software synths then get one with a MIDI interface on it - then all solved.
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