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TD50x Multitrack Audio to Logic

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  • TD50x Multitrack Audio to Logic

    I am trying to do the USB out to Logic to record multitrack audio. There seems to be only one youtube video on this topic specifically but the video shows it going into protools. It seems to work automatically with protools. I have followed all the steps the video recommends with the TD50x, but I can't get Logic to recognize the instrument. I can get it to recognize it as a midi instrument, but with all the sensors in the digital pads, midi is pretty glitchy. Plus, I have dialed in some sounds in the module that I want to use. Does anyone have experience with this and can help me out?

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    It looks like this has gotten a number of views but no responses. I think that I have isolated it down my imac not recognizing the TD50X as an audio interface. I have the USB out set to VENDOR and when I connect it to my computer it doesn't see it in Logic or the Audio MIDI Settings. Any ideas on how to fix this?


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      I'm not an Apple user, but on my windows system I need a dedicated driver, maybe it's similar on Mac. Check here: https://www.roland.com/de/support/by...dates_drivers/


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        Thanks for the response. Yeah, I have download and installed the specific driver a few times now. I have a friend bringing over a laptop with Logic on it to see if it is a computer issue.