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Recording multi tracks with TD17KVX in Logic Pro X

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  • Recording multi tracks with TD17KVX in Logic Pro X


    I have been struggling through the last days to try and get to a desired state, which I will do my best to describe. My goal here is to seek guidance on improving, as the whole process is not as easy as I instinctively would have expected, and still has glitches here and there. Hopefully more knowledgeable people here would be able to help.

    What I am trying to do is to record what I play on the TD 17 KVX as multi track in Logic Pro X. I want multi-track so I can edit each part of the kit individually (volume, effects, etc). At this stage I am willing to use the TD17 sound bank - but would be opened to change to VST if it massively simplifies the below.

    The setup is as follows:
    Mac laptop
    UR816C audio interface
    TD 17 KVX
    (for what it's worth, UR816 and TD 17 are plugged on a USB hub)

    Here is the process I followed so far.

    - Update TD17 driver
    - Set TD 17 USB as "vendor"
    - Plug USB in laptop
    - Headset is plugged in the audio interface
    - In Logic, select Vdrum as "input" device, UR816 as "output"

    - Create External MIDI track using the TD17 as input / UR816 as output, with the following parameters: Channel 10, TD17 as MIDI destination, input 1+2
    - Record (at this stage I have "double" monitoring, i.e. input + software, but that should be solvable relatively easily I guess. Also, volume is super low, so I have to boost a bit the volume in the "USB" menu on TD17, but again, that's ok)
    - Separate MIDI tracks by pitch
    - Reassign each newly created track to individual channel strips
    - Record each track one by one to convert MIDI to audio (I understand Bounce in place can't apply to external MIDI instruments)

    This seems to work overall, but getting to the above took me some time to figure out.
    Are there any better ways of doing things? Any simplification to be flagged, corners to cut...

    Thank you very much,

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    VST software will be better and faster if you want to sound like acoustic drums.


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      Check out this link. Towards the bottom the author talks about recording multi-tracks with the TD-17. In summary: Record a MIDI track in your DAW from the TD-17. Then play back the MIDI track to your TD-17 and record the Audio back as many times as it takes for multiple tracks. This is more complicated than it sounds. In your DAW you can only record two channels, Master L and R, from your TD-17. So for example if you want an audio track with just the kick. You need to create an audio track with the two USB outputs from the TD-17. Then mute all the MIDI notes except for the kick. Play this MIDI track back into the TD-17 and then record the audio. Then repeat, new audio track, for the snare but mute all MIDI notes except for the snare. Keep this up till you have as many tracks as you want.

      The TD-27 and TD-50X both have enough USB output channels that the above method is not necessary. Record multitracks all at once, one time.

      A VST would have better sounds and multi-track recording is much easier.
      Recoding V-Drums is much easier than recording an acoustic kit. Get the best results when you record your TD-17/TD-25 electonic drums...
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        Thank you both for your answers.
        In case of future questions / similar instances - using Producer Kits is indeed much, much simpler for a better result. I could not necessarily speak for sample quality as I did not do side by side, but the process is massively simplified, so I'll just stick to this. Basically, you can just use one midi track without further manipulations, but the producer kit enables multi track editing / mixing.
        Thank you!