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TD11 records at incredibly low volume

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  • TD11 records at incredibly low volume


    I've had my TD-11KV drumset for a few years now, and only recently bought the USB-A to USB-B cable so I can connect the module to my laptop and record.
    I simply used Audacity for now just to check everything works, but I am running into the problem where it is recording the drumset, but at a super low volume?

    I had to manually amplify the recording by a solid 40dB to be able to even hear the drums at all, and this comes with a ton of noise and static being amplified as well,
    rendering my recording practially useless. Is this some sort of setting on the drum module I need to change? I always play with the volume knob on max, and the volume levels on each of my pads
    for my kit-preset are mostly on max too. The playback to my headphones from the phones-jack is totally fine.

    Any help with this?

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    I have the exact same problem. The sound level gets very low on USB. If I do a playback of the recording on my laptop at full volume the level is resonable ok, but I would assume it should be much higher. There is a USB volume setting on the TD-11, but according to the manual this seems to be for the volume when you transfer USB audio from PC to the TD-11.


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      I use a Jack out the headphones socket to USB input on the PC and it seems to work fine.