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Will iRig work for Android smartphone? Request from new member and recording virgin!

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  • Will iRig work for Android smartphone? Request from new member and recording virgin!

    Hi everyone, and thanks for for welcoming me to

    I am wanting to find just a quick way to record audio and video of my e-drumming to send to a friend and to a possible drum teacher.

    The iRig device to a smartphone was mentioned in a 65 Drums Youtube and sounded fairly straightforward, particularly as quality not likely to be critical for me. I did notice it was being used for an iphone (different operating system) though..
    A search in this forum showed a single post which specifically mentioning iRig as now supporting Android.

    I have a basic setup. Motorola Moto G2 smartphone which runs Android v.6.0.1, and rather old module which does have amplifier outputs, MIDI out and headphone output. Other options might be limited: digital camera has no mic input, I have no camcorder, PC is from Cretaceous Period.

    Is anyone able to help me from their own knowledge and experiences please:
    • Is an iRig compatible with Android phones?
    • If so, which version(s) of iRig please?
    • Is it as simple as 65 Drums seems to suggest? (in my experience, simple electronic things are rarely simple!)
    • Any instructions on how to set up, troubleshoot and use please?
    Appreciate all advice and education thanks!

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    Easy. Yes it works with android. Simple. Plug one end of a standard 1/4 inch Jack into your master L out and the other into the irig. The irig has a mini Jack out ( it's already fitted) and you plug this into your smartphone headphone socket.
    Start recording a video on your phone and you'll get a message saying something like"recording using headphone".
    that's it. Obviously only mono. I use it all the time at the minute for teaching remotely. You dont need irig 11. Just the basic one which sells for around 6 on Ebay.