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TD20 midi map for Cubase 5

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  • TD20 midi map for Cubase 5

    Hi. After playing a TD6 for years I now have a shiny TD20. Recording the midi notes in Cubase 5 works fine exept for the hihat. The hihat closed notes are recording as open notes. I've tried to find a TD20 midi map for Cubase 5 and I've downloaded the V-drum map that's been posted around here but the hihat issue is the same.
    The question is probably been done before but can anyone help me? Perhaps anyone who made a midi map him/herself that I can download? Thanks.

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    I solved it! I should choose for midi chanel 10. That solved the hi-hat problem. The rest of the kit was recording properly in Cubase 5.


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      Yeah I was going to say a drum map wouldn’t help in this situation. Enjoy using the td20. Are you triggering a vsti? Cubase 5 is very old so a lot of things may not work
      Roland TD30 module on TD20 kit SD3 with various kits. Pearl Masters Kit, Yamaha 9000RC original natural wood finish. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian. Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions.