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Pearl Mimic Direct outs and the number of Inputs and Outputs on Audio Interfaces

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  • Pearl Mimic Direct outs and the number of Inputs and Outputs on Audio Interfaces

    I’m confused about the number of Inputs and outputs on Audio Interfaces. I want to be able to record potentially all 14 direct outs from the Mimic in my DAW at one time. But on most all the Audio Interfaces their outputs are less than the inputs.

    Alan recommended the Roland Studio Capture 16 in/10 out. Do you have to buy a 2nd unit to get all 14 direct outs into the DAW at one time to record all 14 outs from the mimic?

    Thanks to all the great answers from all the members! You’re awesome for sharing you time and knowledge with us. And a big shout out to Alan of VST for posting such wonderful YouTube videos. I’ve learned so much.

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    So, interfaces are available in many I/O sizes. The most popular are 2, 4 & 8 I/O. (I'm not counting all the extra digi/midi I/O here) I went with the Roland Studio Capture, simply because of the amount of power you get in one unit for the money. It's 16ch and highly regarded across home studios as a really great interface. What I really wanted was a couple of Apollo 8ch interfaces to stack up, but something like that can run $3-5k easily.

    So, to answer your question, the Roland Studio Capture, offers you what you're asking for... 16ch in at once. I personally prefer to record the midi performance first, tidy up any little thing I don't like, and then run it back through the module (after tweaking my sounds exactly how I want them to come in) to get my direct channel inputs at the DAW.

    Something you need to keep in mind is there are two ways to look at this type of recording. First, understand you're not going to get the "master" result, except through the master L/R out only. That signal is a result of all the direct out signals (I like to call those "channel strips" as they are primarily inst eq & comp only) running through the master eq & comp. So, understand if you are recording the direct outs, you either are choosing to record the "channel strip" mixing (eq & comp), or turning all that off and recording the dry samples to mix at the DAW. (I usually try to replicate what micing a real kit through a preamp/eq & comp would do before hitting the console... meaning, keep it very simple and clean)

    You can always record the midi performance with a kit in the module that inspires you, edit the midi while monitoring that kit, and then dry the kit out for your direct outs. Alternatively, like I mentioned, you can use the direct inst module-mixing to get the instrument input to sound how you desire as a starting point in the DAW. If you take this route, I suggest turning the master eq & comp off completely. (for obvious reasons)

    Hope that helps!
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      Wow, thank you Alan for taking the time to post my answer along with ALL the extra info! Yes that’s exactly what I needed to know. The Roland looks like a nice unit as well.

      Also looking forward to getting some of your custom kits for my module! Steve


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        I suggest a Behringer X-air XR18, good sound, fast and very stable asio drivers, many (routing) possibilities and very affordable.
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          I have a presonus studio 1824 along with a behringer ada8200 connected over optical (8 channels on one cable). I run it like Alan and it works well. I don't use all the inputs for the mimic Ibecause i have other stuff connected, so I limit my Tom's to a stereo pair, which is plenty adequate, but I could if I wanted to. I have it as kick, snare, stereo Tom's, stereo room, stereo overheads, one for hihat and one for ride using a combo of the standards outs and the db25 (to the ada8200).
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            Hmm maybe i dont get your post wrong, but if the mimic has 14 outputs and the interface has 16 inputs, everything is fine, isn't it?
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              Thanks everyone... interesting additions to consider. And you are correct FES, everything is fine. My brain was still thinking I needed to run cables out from the audio interface as well. It was so obvious I didn't need to I was completely missing how obvious it really was. I was still thinking connecting to a physical Mixing Console and not a DAW on a PC.