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  • Recording Roland TD27


    I am a new V drum user. I have a VAD506 on the way that uses the TD27 module. I am planning on playing V drums with my friends who will be playing guitar and bass and vocals. Their instruments are mic'ed and, along with the vocals, would feed into a Studiolive AR12c mixer that connects, via USB into a Mac Mini. Pro Logic will be the DAW that we use to record the all of the instruments and vocals simultaneously. The V drums will be playing through PA speakers that will be connected directly to the TD27 module via 1/4 cables from the Master Out jacks.

    My question is- what is the best way to connect the V drums to the mac? The two options I can determine based on reading the TD27 manual are:
    1. Use 1/4 inch cables from the Direct Out jacks of the TD27 module to go into the Studiolive mixer just like the other instruments and vocals. Depending on the impendance, I might need a direct box between the TD27 and the mixer. This seems like it would be the most simple, and it would keep the connection similar as the guitar, bass and vocals.
    2. Get a very long USB cable and connect the TD27 directly to the Mac Mini to allow audio and MIDI recording. Capturing MIDI recording is not a priority for me, BTW. I am not sure how capturing it this way would work, though, as the input device would be the Studiolive Arc12c and not the V drums.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I would go with the USB cable. It will allow you to record multiple tracks at once and you'll have the option of using midi over USB. You just have to make sure and download the USB driver and follow the instructions in the manual. I believe the instructions are on pg.57 in the reference manual.
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      If you are planning to record live, which I think is what you're saying here, "...record the all of the instruments and vocals simultaneously", then you might as well run your TD-27 module into the mixer as a stereo input using option 1. It would be quick and easy, and that is how I currently do it during practice sessions when we only need demo-quality recordings. Use the mixer to send a monitor mix to your speakers instead of connecting them directly to your drum module.

      Down the road later you can use option 2, using a USB cable to connect directly to the Mac to record all the outputs into Pro Logic, with each drum and cymbal having it's own channel, and recording with headphones for monitoring. This will give you the most control over your sound, but would be harder to do in a "live" situation. The TD-27 module actually gives you four 1/4" outputs than you can use, the main L/R, and two labeled "direct out" that you could use to send your snare and kick to the mixer, giving you a little more control. The problem with that scenario, your using four inputs on your board, and you will likely run out.

      You might want to read this for even more ways of recordng:
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        I’d still record the midi even if you don’t use it as you can then do drum replacement easy if you decide to.
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          Thank you, everyone, for your replies. I will try the mixer first and then the UAB input.


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            Definitely record the midi. I doubt you could record the usb and your mixer as an interface into logic at the same time but there might be an aggregate mode.