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TD 50 and multi-track recording to Reaper DAW

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  • TD 50 and multi-track recording to Reaper DAW

    Thanks for letting me join this forum.

    I am a long-time drummer and brand new to recording myself as usually in a studio with a pro. I have a TD 50, Mac and downloaded Reaper DAW. I downloaded the Roland USB driver and have the kit and computer talking. I loaded a track a guitar player sent ma and now am able to record the drums on a single track in Reaper.

    * I cannot hear the drum track on play back even though I see the meters going wild where the drums recorded.
    * How do I assign a track for each drum feed like kick, snare, toms, etc.? Would like to gain greater control of the mix.
    * Is Reaper the right DAW for a beginner? I tried GarageBand and gave up quickly...

    I am willing to pay for someone to tutor me as I would like to get back to focusing on playing and make the engineering piece as simple as possible.

    BIG Thanks in advance

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    Hi. I'm not going to answer all your questions as I don't have a TD-50, but I might help a bit.

    Reaper is a great DAW. I've used it for years, and I wouldn't go back. I'd expect it to do everything you need.

    I have a TM-6 Pro, and it may work in a similar way to the TD-50.

    When I record USB audio, I have to set the Audio (in Preferences) to use the Roland driver, rather than ASIO as normal. I also have to set the USB audio driver on the module to Roland instead of Generic.

    In the same Reaper Audio window, I set the inputs to be used. The TM-6 Pro has 2 Master outs and 4 Direct outs, so I select them all to be active. I also select the outputs as the module Phones L-R so I can monitor everything using the module headphones jack while playing.

    Next you open a new channel in Reaper and assign an audio input to it by selecting the USB audio channels you have allocated each sound to on the module. My usual is to have one channel each for Kick/Snare/Toms L-R/Cymbals L-R as that uses all six outputs the TM-6 Pro has. The TD-50 may well have more that you can use. I also set up a channel to record the MIDI data in case I want to change sounds or remix later by sending the MIDI back to the module and re-recording the audio.

    Next I arm all the channels I want to record. I don't select the Monitor Channel option, as I'm getting all the audio in my headphones from the module.

    Then it's a case of hit Record.

    A few other things. I don't send the module effects to the outputs as I prefer to mix the raw audio in Reaper. The Roland reverbs and compression are okay, so you may prefer to let the module do the work for you if you aren't used to mixing audio.

    I can send you some tips on what EQ and compression plugin settings you can use for each drum as a starting point if you want.

    Once you've recorded the USB audio, you need to set the Audio back to ASIO so that you can hear the audio from your computer again, rather than it still going back to the module via USB.

    Someone with more experience than me might be able to point out an easier way than changing Audio driver in Reaper, and if they do I'd love to know as well!
    Roland TM-6 Pro and TD-11 modules with Roland RT30 triggers and Yamaha PCY cymbals. Plus all the acoustic stuff.


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      BIG Thanks Unkle Kev - I set up 10 channels in Reaper and having trouble assigning the individual tracks from the td50. td50 has to tracks it send USB which is great. I will continue to mess around and hoping to find the magic wand