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Recording an Expanded Kit to Mac

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  • Recording an Expanded Kit to Mac

    Hi everyone,

    I am so grateful for any possible help as I have been researching this for about a day now and self-troubleshooting and am getting nowhere online. I'm quarantined right now and trying to collaborate with my band on some pieces we are creating - problem is I need to finally figure out how to record what I am hearing through my headphones and send it to the rest of the group.

    I have a TD-25 which I run through a Behringer XeynxQ802USB to connect my TM-2 and some additional pads and have it all work together at once. Everything sounds perfect when I play through my headphones which I have connected through the Behringer. Sometimes I also connect the Behringer to my laptop and am able to play along with songs to practice.

    I have a MacBook Pro and have been trying to record through either GarageBand or Audacity. I'm open to using another program if it will do the job.

    Again I am sorry as the solution is probably easy and right before my eyes, but I have limited recording knowledge and will be indebted to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks to all!

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    GarageBand or Audacity would work fine either way. More graphical to add effects using GB.

    im not versed with that mixer, but if it's possible to send the audio through the USB connection, just connect the USB to the Mac. Select the mixer as audio input, add a new stereo track, arm it and you'll see the input level going up and down, press record.

    Its simplified, but you'll seen its not that complicated.
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      Thank you so much for the reply.

      I have the mixer connected to the Mac via USB, but when I try to record it doesn't capture any audio, it just flatlines.

      I thought I had the input set correctly as in the photo.

      I apologize for going back to the drawing board, but are there any other ideas?

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