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Live streaming TD9 can I hear opposite drum panning of audience?

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  • Live streaming TD9 can I hear opposite drum panning of audience?

    I'm going to start streaming on Twitch using a TD9.

    In my headphones I want to hear things panned from my perspective (hihat left to ride right), but for the audience, I want it opposite as if they are indeed the audience (hihat right to ride left) - any tips on how to achieve this?

    Users will be requesting youtube links (songs) for me to jam to...but in my ears I want to hear my drums panned naturally from the drummer perspective, and for the audience

    My setup:
    1. TD9 sounds (no VST).
    2. Two mono cables out of L/R outputs into Focusrite interface
    3. Feeding into Logic Pro X
    4. Captured and broadcasted by OBS

    - Mike

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    Wear your headphone backwards, or use a splitter and combiner to swap it through cables. Otherwise, you'll have to find a plugin for OBS to swap it virtually.
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      Told you all this on Facebook.
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        Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
        Told you all this on Facebook.
        Yes and thanks, I learned from that...and can do it...but ideally, I specifically just want to reverse pan the drums, not also the songs requested to me via youtube link