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Connecting a TD1-k to Skype

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  • Connecting a TD1-k to Skype

    Hi everyone,

    How do I connect a Roland electronic drum kit up to Skype for online lessons, so that my teacher can hear me play, hear me speak and so that I can hear him as well?

    The drum kit's brain is an interface and has a USB (b) cable that connects directly to my laptop and has an output for headphones.

    (I can use the following kit as well if needed: focusrite scarlett 2i2, condensor usb microphone and webcam, but I can't find a cable on the market to connect the Roland - usb (b) to the scarlett's input... probably because of the Roland's interface).

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    Is your laptop a Mac or a PC?

    A while ago i tried this on my iMac: install a software called Soundflower. Open a DAW (in my case it was Logic). In the DAW's preferences, assign the output to Soundflower instead of your usual line out. Create two tracks in the DAW, one for your TD1-k, one for your microphone. Then open Skype, in the audio preferences, replace the input of your computer's microphone by Soundflower... it should work in principle, but this is complicated.

    There is this video that can help on the use of Soundflower: Would worth to try out, you may not need a DAW if you can create a multi-device with your TD1k and the built-in microphone.

    I would be interested to know if someone has an easier way to do this!