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  • TD-1K into Pro Tools

    This is my first attempt at MIDI and I am hitting a wall. I have the "Pro Tools First" just the free edition that came with some hardware, but it appears to be capable of what I am needing. At this stage though I cannot get any signal. I have set up a MIDI studio selecting the TD-7K as the closest option I could find, and I have tried creating an instrument track and a MIDI Track, but in none of these do I see any option for the system to hear my kit. The "MIDI Input Devices" box when opened through the setup tab is empty and this I suspect is at the root of the problem, but I am having no luck getting anything to populate in there.

    Is anyone out there successfully connecting a TD-1K or another similar kit via USB to Pro Tools and if so, could you offer any guidance with how the set up should be done.

    Also, I've searched through all the threads I can find concerning Pro-Tools and nothing seems to come close to this, but if this is a duplicate, please point me to another thread

    Thanks in advance, Andrew

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    Windows OS?

    When you connect the TD1K on the USB port, did the operating system running on that computer detect it?
    If it is running windows, this can be checked under the "Device Manager".

    Is the USB cable working fine?

    I never used the pro tools. If the TD1k got recognized from the operating system perspective, then check if this pro tools version itself has any limitation, mainly for using VSTi such as EzDrummer, SD3, etc.
    I use reaper and if I recall correctly, I had to go to preferences and find the TD1 device then "enable" it. Maybe there is something like that on the pro tools.
    If the computer is detecting it, and you got no luck with the pro tools, try a different one to validate the application.
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