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Please help!! poor results recording midi in sonar then triggering td-30 externally

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  • Please help!! poor results recording midi in sonar then triggering td-30 externally


    I am recording the midi data from a td-30 out to cakewalk sonar. when i trigger the module with the midi ive recorded. the performance sounds nothing like the digital out. many more articulations,lack of dynamics and strange hi hats and mis timed.

    is it settings in td-30? mask time or scan time? i like how the kit is sure it can get tweeked. im not a great drummer so recording midi sound like a great way to correct mistakes easily? im using old school midi cable midi i/o on babyface. i do have adat light pipe fireface plugged in to babyface. that shouldnt effect any midi stuff?

    settings in sonar? aftertouch cc data?

    feels like too much data is being captured and thats why recording does not translate upon triggering the module. banging my head on this problem.i can record other midi devices and trigger soft synths..

    dont think its rme babyface
    fast custom pro audio computer (adk)....

    i know we supposed to post our gear on here but is this enough info to get a start towards a solution. i have audio clips of live mono out vs midi to td-30 back to sonar to show what im talking bout...i can email to some amazing tech guru out there who can help? please? )im stumped



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    forgot to say i also have vh-13 hi hat and pd 128 snare. guess its time for me to learn this abelton 10 suite i got. but i got pretty good using maschine and komplete and maybe ill get better results with that. i just got used to sonar in time for them to go outa biz. band lab version not being used...shuffle of feet...mahalo!!!!


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      abelton record and triggers midi data perfectly.guess i should shine i need to work it all in to my trip.