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several little things driving me nuts please help :)

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  • several little things driving me nuts please help :)

    Hi guys, I'm (e)drumming and homerecording since a while but always have some issues which i cannot figure out. So maybe you pros can help? That would be supercool

    My setup: Roland TD9 with TMC 6 expansion. going with midi to USB cable to my macbook. Using logic and SD3 to record.

    So now thats where im trouble:

    1. is midi to usb cable a good way to connect? Someone told me i should get an interface also re latencies. Eralier recording with Ableton Live and SD2 i had a little less of them thats true. But does a audio inteface help? Its another device in the moddle which needs to wotk and be updated... I have an UX2 for recording Git and bass, maybe thats worth a shot?

    2. TD 9: I would like to upgrade this and found a used TD 12. Do you think thats a good idea? I believe both are of similar age but the TD 12 can do positional sensing so i believe that the factory sounds might be better too. For a quick jam imlike to use the module and not to have tha mac running and all that.

    3. after the latest SD3 update many of my drums are not assigned correctly anymore. Have to re-map them all again. I se the TD9 preset of course. you know this problem?

    4. they dynamic range on my TD9 is better as with SD3, on SD3 there are many hits trggered way too loud. After a recording i spend a lot of time to manually correct them...
    do i have to fiddle with the velocity curves for all toms or is there an easier fix for that?

    Many thanks in advance for any comments and suggestion!