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Mixing Logic Pro X - EZ Drummer 2 VDrums

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  • Mixing Logic Pro X - EZ Drummer 2 VDrums

    I searched and couldn't find anything on this?

    MBP ... Using the latest Logic. Playing into Logic with TD11 KV triggering EZ Drummer 2. All well and dandy and for anyone shy on the EZD acquisition? It is lovely - took NO TIME to figure out and customize. Also was worried as this is an older MAC and only 8GIG of RAM - so far so good - but will want to get a faster Mac eventually. I am going into older tunes I have played on/written/recorded and released.

    I am doing tests:

    Stereo EZD vs Multi Output. And using the EZD mixer vs the Logic Mixer

    My bias would be to use the Logic mixing capabilities

    So I am testing:

    Multi Output:
    as flat as possible no effects from EZD
    some effects from EZD
    sorta lots of effects from EZD (depending on the tune. OR NOT!!! LOL)

    - flat (as possible!) and split the drums by midi notes into sep channels on Logic
    - or use the EZD mixer and effects and use as a submix into the Logic for mastering

    So far no preference ... but it is early and the test may NOT be done right. I am replacing Logic, Battery 3 & 4, BFD and audio recorded from VDrums (VEX) and dropping in EZD - so, there alone is a huge difference!

    I probably need to do something new - and without any previous drum sounds do the tests.

    Mac Book Pro - High Sierra.

    Logic Pro X with M-Audio Keyboard, Zendrum, TD 11 KV, V Expressions, Native Instruments - Battery 3 & 4, BFD, EZ Drummer, Aubit Samples.