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Logitech webcam audio distortion?

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  • Logitech webcam audio distortion?

    I am new to recording (drum module, webcam, music from laptop) so please bear with me. I have connected my Mimic Pro and web cameras (Microsoft HD-3000 & Logitech C920) to an HP laptop; then record all. I have a few recording apps (NCH Debut, Free 2X Recorder, & Bandicam). I believe I have it connected correctly as I am able to capture video and sound; then playback AVI or MP4 files.

    My problem/question is when recording via the Logitech C920 the sound is slightly distorted; it sounds fine via the MS camera. It does this with all three apps. However, the video appears better with the Logitech higher resolution, faster frame rate, larger area, etc. Has anyone else experienced this? Could this be a hardware issue? Software resolution? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    SOLVED -
    I think I found my problem. I still have to verify with a few other tests but looks promising. It had to do with the USB port/cable. Because the camera is too far from my laptop, I have to use an extension cable. I switched cables but still had the problem. I switched ports and it appears to be fine. That's weird though because either cable or port works fine with the Microsoft camera. Apparently the Logitech is more sensitive. At least I think I'm in business.
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